About Me

My work largely focuses on land-atmosphere interactions specifically trying to understand when, where, and how the surface influences moist convection. The goal is then to apply that knowledge to improve the character of the afternoon convection in models and ultimately improve seasonal forecasts and beyond.

I regularly ask myself how I can add value, and what are the most difficult questions that need to be addressed.

Where I am now:

I am currently a project scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in the Climate and Global Dynamics Division. I found myself at NCAR during my time as postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies at George Mason University working with Prof. Paul Dirmeyer, where I was a visiting scientist at the NCAR for a year.  Prior to the Earth System Modeling postdoc at COLA, I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan under the excellent supervision and guidance of Prof. Allison Steiner. As her first graduate student I focused on the intersection of land-atmosphere-chemistry attempting to understand the various links and the strength of the connection between each component with particular emphasis on process-level understanding. My primary tools to building this understanding was the use of regional climate models and comparing them to observations and reanalysis. I learned many skills, such as how to manage several Terabytes of data and how to use and write code for high-performance computing environments. Aside from the academic aspects, I also was lucky enough to foster great friendships and participate in the all important Michigan football experience.

Fun Side Projects I'm Currently Working On

  • Operational Forecast Model API using Flask and dabbling with flask-marshmallow

  • Interactive land-atmosphere coupling metrics graphical dashboard using Dash

  • Playing around with tensorflow to identify boundary layer height

  • Having some fun with Blender's python API


  • National Center for Atmospheric Research, Climate and Global Dynamics Division
    Project Scientist I (Present)

  • University of Michigan, Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences
    Ph.D in Atmo. Sci. 2012
    M.S. in Atmo. Sci. 2008
  • George Mason University, Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
    Earth System Modeling Postdoctoral Fellow (2012-2015)

  • North Carolina State University, Department of Marine, Earth, & Atmospheric Sci.
    B.S. in Meteorology 2007
    B.S. in Marine Sci. 2007
  • Technical Skills

    I am constantly looking to leverage new applications, tools, and languages to enhance accessibility and understanding of my research work. Below is a sample and "estimate" of my skill level regarding various languages and programs. Because I am always adapting and learning this list is forever in flux.


    • Fortran 77/90/95/0880%
    • BASH Shell scripting70%
    • Python45%
    • php30%
    • Scala20%

    Visualization Languages

    • NCAR Common Language (NCL)95%
    • GrADs40%
    • Python - matplotlib40%
    • Plot.ly40%