Climate and Chemistry

Building upon the last two goals, air quality has largely been treated as a consequence and no part of the broader climate system.  Some of my work has been focused on making that connection and showing that atmospheric chemistry and air quality are best understood from the lens of land-atmosphere interactions.  As highlighted above, land-atmosphere interactions can promote or suppress convective systems and as a result directly influence the environment in which chemical processes occur.  In the case of tropospheric ozone, I have presented observational evidence that using land-atmosphere coupling metrics is superior for determining urban and suburban ozone concentrations than traditional state variables, such as temperature or humidity.  Because land-atmosphere coupling metrics serve to aggregate information of past precipitation and present state conditions, they tend to inform processes relevant to ozone formation better than traditional single-variable methods.

It is through these connections that I feel the most exciting frontiers in atmospheric science exist. Making those connections like the one illustrated above can aide in early ozone air quality warnings, potentially weeks in advance, and has the advantage of being computationally inexpensive making use of existing infrastructure.  This cross-disciplinary approach motivates me to learn more from other fields and to share knowledge that helps confront problems from perspectives I otherwise would have neglected.

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