Land-Atmosphere Interactions

A related matter to atmospheric convection is the influence of the land surface in promoting or suppressing development.  This becomes particularly important again when considering that models oftentimes cannot resolve the mirco- and meso-scale processes necessary to fully capture convection.  My interests lie in this realm, and attempt to quantify and eventually parameterize these land-atmosphere interactions.  In particular, I would like to answer questions like:  When does the land surface reinforce or counteract the atmospheric state?  When and where are positive or negative feedbacks present?

Understanding and addressing these questions is crucial to the predictability of drought onset and duration, and for promoting best land management practices in the agricultural and other commercial interests. There are also large implications related to understanding land-atmosphere feedbacks from a climate perspective. The question of which feedbacks (e.g., positive or negative) tend to dominate and how these feedbacks may change under certain scenarios has wide reaching implications in terms of long-term investment strategies and for public policy.  It is my goal to make the answers to these questions clear when possible, and make the best information broadly accessible and readily deployable. One such recent advancement towards this end is the Coupling Metrics Toolkit (CoMeT), which is a continuously growing code base used to calculate the latest and most useful land-atmosphere coupling metrics.

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